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The Web server of Autoaccessorio Polesano tracks and collects general information about visits made on the site. This information includes statistics showing the daily number of visitors to the site, daily requests for particular files, the type of browser used by visitors, the name of the visitors' domain and the country from which the request originated. Information may not be limited to those listed above.

Polesano Autoaccessorio collects personal information only on a voluntary basis. Personal information may include name, title, company, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. This information is used only if Autoaccessorio Polesano responds to your requests and could be used in the future to send additional information for which your visit to the site has generated interest. We do not sell, rent or send the information listed above to other organizations.


Dear Customer / Supplier

Autoaccessorio Polesano wishes to inform you that Reg. EU 2016/679 provides for the protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data.
According to the law, this treatment will be based on principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency and protection of your privacy and your rights.
According to article 13 of the Regulation therefore, we provide you with the following information:

Identity and contact details of the data controller / controller

The Data Controller is AUTOACCESSORIO POLESANO of Munerato legal representative, with registered office in via del Mercante, 45 45100 Rovigo.

Purpose and legal basis of the processing

Personal data communicated to us for the regular execution of contractual relationships with our company will be processed solely for purposes related to the performance of obligations arising from them (pre-contractual information, order confirmations, deliveries of goods, accounting obligations, administrative, civil and fiscal)
The conferment of data is optional and their eventual failure to provide data could make it impossible to execute the contract or continue the relationship.
In any case, pursuant to art. 6, letter b) Reg. UE 2016/679, being the provision of data necessary to fulfill obligations arising from contractual relationships in which the Interested parties / Shareholders are reciprocally parties, or to fulfill, before the conclusion of the contract to your specific requests, it is specified that the provision in specific form and documented in writing of the consent, as foreseen by the art. 7 of the same Regulation. In any case, with the refinement or signing of the contract / cost estimate / order proposal, with the provision of data, the confirmation of the requested service / supply or, in any case, with the regular execution of the contract, it is also expressly intended and the consent is validly given and documented in writing.

Methods of treatment and storage times

The data will be processed in ways that imply the use of both IT and electronic tools, and paper.
The data will be kept for the entire duration of the contractual relationship and subsequently for commercial purposes, in fulfillment of civil and tax obligations, protection of rights, within the limits of the duration of the limitation period and mandatory by law.

Rights of the interested party

At any time you can obtain access to your personal data, correction or deletion of the same pursuant to Articles, respectively, 15, 16 and 17 of EU Reg. 2016/679.
Pursuant to Articles 18, 20 and 21 of the same Regulation, the latter also has the right to request the processing, the portability of data concerning them (if applicable) and to oppose, for legitimate reasons, their treatment.
The above rights may be exercised directly against Autoaccessorio Polesano by:
- e-mail to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- ordinary post: AUTOACCESSORIO POLESANO Via del Mercante, 45 - 45100 Rovigo
It is also possible to request further information from the same addresses, including the references of any data processors.

Complaint to a Control Authority

If the answer to an instance with which the interested party has exercised one or more of the above rights does not reach the indicated deadline or is not satisfactory, the interested party may assert his rights before the Judicial Authority or by to the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data.


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What are cookies

As is common practice in almost all professional websites, this site also uses cookies, which are small files that are downloaded to your computer in order to improve the browsing experience. This page describes the type of information we collect, the way we use it and the reason why we sometimes need to store cookies.

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Disabling cookies

You can prevent cookies from being set by adjusting your browser settings (for the procedure, visit or browser help). It should be noted that deactivating cookies will affect the functionality of this and many other websites that you will visit. Disabling cookies usually also involves the deactivation of certain features and features of the site. If you do not know the actual need, we recommend that you leave all cookies activated if they are used to provide a regularly used service.

How we use cookies

This site offers subscription services to newsletters and e-mail communications; cookies can be used to remember that you have already registered and to decide whether to show certain notifications that may be important only for subscribers / non-subscribers.

When you submit data via a form such as those entered in the contact pages or promotional campaigns, cookies can be set to remember your user data for future communications purposes.

Occasionally, we offer user surveys and surveys to provide you with interesting insights and useful tools or to learn more about our user base. These inquiries may use cookies to remember who has already participated in the survey or to provide you with accurate results after you have moved from page to page.

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More information

We hope to have provided all the necessary clarifications but, as we reported earlier, if you are not sure of the actual need of cookies it is generally safer to leave them activated in the event that they interact with one of the features you use on our site. If you need further information or clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us via the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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