Mind the belt

Do not attempt to save on the distribution system: in case of failure, the repairs will be very expensive!

For many of us, the transmission belt is a mystery.

We often do not remember it exists and – above all - how important it is for the longevity of the engine.
In case of breakage, the cylinder head can be severely damaged.
This component keeps in phase the operation of the valves, which must open and close at the right moment, in order to allow the engine to operate and not come into contact with the pistons.
If the belt tears or skips some teeth (the internal surface is toothed), the pistons will hit the valves: the rod will bend, the piston head will no longer stick to its housing and therefore it will not close the combustion chamber. Briefly: the engine will switch off not to restart.
It is a complex system, and the repair expenses shall vary from case to case: in any case, you will hardly ever avoid a heart attack when you hear them!
Indeed, prevention is better than a cure!

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it ensures a perfect development of traction on belts and bands in cloth, leather or rubber of any section. It does not alter their elasticity, and protects against dirt and dust. Apply on parts in good conditions, i.e. not worn-out or rigid.

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