Repairing damage to the car body?


First: remove the rust from the damaged part with abrasive paper. In case of tenacious rust, use a special product to remove it.

Second: apply a layer of anti-corrosive additive on the sheet metal whence the paint has been removed and plaster with a spatula.


Third: after the plaster has hardened, hone the wetted layer. Then, cover the surfaces around the damaged points with paper and spray the purposely-allocated filler.

Fourth: Finely sand the point with abrasive paper (grain 800 to 1000), previously soaked in water.

Fifth: Prepare a piece of cardboard with a hole in it of the same size as the damaged area. Keep the cardboard at a 5 cm distance from the damaged point and spray the varnish from a 30-cm distance (it would be ideal to do it when the outside temperature is around 20°C).

Sixth: For a limited touch-up, spray with circular movements. In case of wider surfaces, create various thin layers by alternating vertical and horizontal movements.

Seventh: For metalized varnishes, the point must be sprayed with double-layer transparent varnish after it has dried. You can further sand the edges after drying.


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